Free-Range Chicken

Our Free Range Chickens are raised the old fashioned way, with plenty of space in the sunny San Joaquin Valley. With cleaner living quarters, a healthier and happier chicken is raised, resulting in a wonderful taste. No added salt, no added water, no antibiotics, gluten free, vegetarian fed, no added hormones, no preservatives or additives, and always humanely treated.


Prime choice US bred Holstein Steers, free of any kind of growth promotants, 100% vegetarian fed, exceeding the highest quality standards to ensure every bite is abundantly flavorful, incredibly tender and juicy.

Better Burgers

Not all burgers are created equal. Our burgers are ground daily from our signature blend of brisket and chuck for the best flavor. Certified Angus beef, 100% grass fed on national park lands in the mid-west, with access to natural water sources and clean open air. Our cattle never receive any grain, animal by-products, anti-biotics, hormones, growth promotants; they are as natural and organic as you can get.


American Heritage Duroc breed, considered the best, free of hormones and antibiotics, 100% vegetarian diet which results in lower saturated fat, lower cholesterol and fewer calories.


100% grass fed, free of hormones and antibiotics. 

Local & Organic

With our focus on affordable quality, we support local producers and purchase organic products whenever possible.